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CH Floral  by Harue Christy 

Harue Christy 

Florela. Make someone happy. 

Harue Christy Flowers is a florist in the Long Beach area of Southern California. We have worked on weddings, private and corporate events, memorial ceremonies, and various other projects. We will create a plan based on your budget. We offer affordable and satisfying service.

* We are open by appointment only
Please call (310) 781-0879 or contact us.

Flowers for all occasions

We can customize to your requirements.

If you are in a hurry, please contact us using the Contact Us form.


Wedding & Events

We will wholeheartedly assist you with your important life events. 
Celebrations, anniversaries, surprise events, funerals, etc.

Event Florist + Floral Artist in Southern CA
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