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Coordinated stand flowers for a celebration by request from Kyosuke Himuro!

Kyosuke Himuro, a famous musician, requested dramatic flowers with a rock feel and impact for a celebratory event at his restaurant, Shinsengumi.

The flowers were red and orange roses with a feeling of passionate rock originality.

The flowers are a spectacular stand for a celebration.

The sign on the stand is handwritten in calligraphy. I am the one who wrote directly on the stand sign!

CH Floral also handles projects from companies. We can arrange flowers for small events according to various requests and budgets. Please feel free to contact us.


Harue Christy Flowers

Harue Christy Flowers is a florist located in the Long Beach area of Southern California. We have worked on a variety of projects including weddings, private and corporate events, and memorial ceremonies. We can create a plan to fit your budget. We offer reasonable and satisfactory service.

We operate by appointment only. Please call (310) 781-0879 or Contact us through our contact page.



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