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For All of Life’s Special Moments

Bridal and Baby shower, Birthday party, Anniversary or Company event...etc

Our unique and elegant arrangements are perfect for special occasions. Whether it is for a lover or a friend, our flower keep our customers happy on their most memorable days. We have the best suited flowers for meaningful life events such birthdays, holidays, graduations and more. We also handle projects for events from companies.

Table decoration


Event Flower

all White gorgeous wedding bride and groom.jpg

Site setting

Event Setting

We handle projects for events from companies. Please feel free to contact us to arrange products according to your needs and budget.

Baby Shower



CH floral, our flowers are always in full bloom. Whether you’re looking to freshen up your home or are looking for a special gift for someone — there’s always a good reason to buy flowers or an arrangement. CH floral has got you covered for every occasion! 
Let's bright your special moment!!

Harue Christy
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